Artist, designer and illustrator
Living: Reykjavík, Iceland

From Bangkok, Thailand.

Like to live and learn from people.
I am luckiest person who has such a lovely family, friends, and of cause my bosses.

Enjoy to travel, I am not sure where is my destination but now I am living in Iceland.
My free time I spend mostly to create my ART.
My happiness moments are when I start to grab my brush and it comes alive thru my never ending  imagination.

Read sometimes but like to write more.
Thai food made my life spicy, sometimes too spicy so I need to calm myself down :))

Like to smile a lot but this is so common for Thai people. We love to smile!
Smiling is like you open the door to welcome people to get to know you.

My favorite relaxing time is having coffee with lovely friends.

When I was about 7 years old little girl I drew an image of fish with in very fine details.
My dad saw my drawing, then he took the drawing and showed off to the neighbors with pride.
I was walking to follow him and I heard people liked my drawing.
I was so happy then that I thought,
"I know now what I am going to be when I grow up. An Artist!" That is what I thought at the time.
Now, when I am grown up I am still on the same path which I decided to take when I was a  little girl in the past.

Heartfelt thanks to my DAD!!

To do professionally with love and **fun**

I am what I draw, I draw what I am.
Thank you for dropping by.
Patra T.
Gallery: Laugavegur 64, 101 Reykjavík Iceland

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